Longmont's Loomiller Park

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Playing at the Reception

Under a smokey sky, we had a nice reception with a very talented group of Frisbee players.  Several folks and kids joined in a giant Frisbee toss to celebrate the dedication of the sculpture to the park.  I want to say "thank you" to so many people who helped put this project together.  As a team, I think we did a really nice job!


It's there... "Flying Trees"

So happy this installation went well.

The ribbon cutting ceremony is June 12 at 6:00pm, North Shelter.
Located at 11th and Summer in Longmont.

The event will include a world class Frisbee instruction and demonstration.  Please come, being a guitar, a song, a dance -- anyway you've got to get a ceremony a more happy place!!


Two boom trucks, Big Brother (my truck), the 16-foot trailer and an oversized load going up I-25.  Pete, Lauren and Robert, the best helpers, got the work installed.

Foundation Piers Installed

Last week, the foundation piers were installed at the park.  The work went so quickly, I wasn't able to snap off any photos to post.  When you visit the park, you'll see the 'caution' tape and slip pipes above ground.  During the augering, we discovered extremely thick and wet clay soil lay below the surface extending from 2-6 feet down.  It's a good thing the foundation piers have gone in so early before setting the sculpture as the curing time will be significantly longer due to the soil's moisture content.

Progress in the Studio

Here are some images of the work as it progresses.  Keep in mind, the long support poles are so heavy I cannot lift them on my own.  They are going to be very stout and withstand heavy winds.


 The Birds!

The stainless discs are being cut with the animal shapes.  Here are examples of the three birds that frequent the park.  Next will be to clean them and weld the hangers for the bearing construction.  And the bearings... they are really cool.  Whistler Drive and Bearings ordered some nice parts for the project.

The Pipes

Three 4.5" O.D. by 20-foot pipes and eight 2.5" O.D. pipes weighs A LOT!  The pipes are at Western Steel & Boiler to be rolled into their respective shapes.  The guys are using an overhead hoist with remote control.  Wish I had one of those!


I supplied Western Steel with some curve diagrams.  The smaller pipes are going to look like 'curly-Qs' when they are completed.  I don't expect to be able to off-load the pipes at my studio without cutting them while on the trailer into more manageable sizes.


The Drawings

Seven drawings in all have been created and submitted to Censpace Structural Engineering for review.  The public engineer, Lyle, has converted the drawings to a CAD program that will analyze the wind load potential.  From there, he will be able to assess the materials, connection points and bearings.

The City of Longmont will conduct a soil assessment report.  This will help in the process to design the foundation footer for the individual structures.

Please contact the artist if you'd like to see more details and higher resolution drawings.

The Model

 Last Wed., November 30, I met with the AIPP commission and others to present the model. We marked a proposed site in the open space east of the lake and west the kid's playground.

Some considerations for the model:
-- The model scale is 1" to every foot.
-- The discs (leaves) will be round oblong shapes measuring 14" to 16".
-- The largest tree will have a support pole of 15-feet.
-- The support poles will be 3.5" to 4" O.D.
-- The material will be entirely made of stainless steel.
-- The leaf connectors will be a swivel bearing construction.
-- The leaves will have open cut-outs of the wildlife that frequents the park.
-- The location and design participates with the disc golf activities in the park.

-- The lowest point of the leaves will be a minimum of 10-feet to meet general building code allowances.

The images are samples of the proposed cut-outs.  I would like to see the shapes become more sophisticated by depicting the native 'dance' of each animal.






Artwork in Longmont

In 2009, the Art in Public Places Commission will celebrate its 50th installation in the twenty years since City Council passed the 1% Ordinance allowing for public artwork in the City! The diverse collection of public artwork appears in all areas of town, and includes media from bronze and stone to fabric, glass, and photography. The collection continues to grow each year. Maps and brochures regarding the collection are available at the Longmont Museum & Cultural Center, 400 Quail Road, Longmont as well as other City facilities. For more information on the Art in Public Places program, or to volunteer to serve on a citizen selection panel, please contact Lauren Greenfield at 303.651.8924.

For Loomiller Park, sculptor Reven Marie Swanson, was asked to consider building a project.  Working with neighbors in formal AIPP panel meetings, the group met to discuss what elements should be considered for the new sculpture.

On the fourth meeting a model was presented and a site selected.  All of which, will be presented for approval to the Art in Public Places Commission.

Throughout the process, the sculptor will continue to provide photos and updates of the progress. The tentative installation date is May of 2012.

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