Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Tour of a Model

This is a fun pictorial demonstrating a model:

Deana Miller took the photos.

As a sculptor and a fairly private person, it's difficult to invite a large group into the shop. But this afternoon, we siped on Hansen's Orange soda and talked art. Since then, much progress, of course, has been made on the project.

The installation date has been moved to January 2012. Today the suspension frames got delivered for the final powder coating. The guys were impressed by "Big Brother", my new-used truck. The frames have to be moved by fork lift. No wonder I'm tired as I shoved and pulled the work around the studio 'a mano'.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Longmont's Loomiller Park

The Model
 Last Wed., November 30, I met with the AIPP commission and others to present the model. We marked a proposed site in the open space east of the lake and west the kid's playground.

Some considerations for the model:
-- The model scale is 1" to every foot.
-- The discs (leaves) will be round oblong shapes measuring 14" to 16".
-- The largest tree will have a support pole of 15-feet.
-- The support poles will be 3.5" to 4" O.D.
-- The material will be entirely made of stainless steel.
-- The leaf connectors will be a swivel bearing construction.
-- The leaves will have open cut-outs of the wildlife that frequents the park.
-- The location and design participates with the disc golf activities in the park.

-- The lowest point of the leaves will be a minimum of 10-feet to meet general building code allowances.

The images are samples of the proposed cut-outs.  I would like to see the shapes become more sophisticated by depicting the native 'dance' of each animal.