Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Backyard Improvements

My neighbors are doing a major facelift to their backyard space. I see a big trend for single family homes to make use of their outdoor spaces as living space. They buy the table and furniture, but need a few hardscape details to really give the space more integrity.

Here you have a screen made of four layers of polished stainless steel sheet metal.  It is suspended on cables to give it lightness and some kinetic movement.  It covers the utility panel that was so prominent in the outdoor space.

 A railing was fabricated in the same stainless material to offer a more complete look and permanence of the backyard living room.


The next project to add will be fused glass light fixtures that are solar-powered.  I can also see the opportunity to team with an interior designer (or "exterior" designer) to assist with completing the space with furniture and of course, the pillows!