Saturday, February 8, 2014

Models and Presentations for PARC, Rawlins, WY

Take a look at the page for the Model and full presentation details and information.

It started from an inspiration:
Moving, rolling, riding, turning.
Swaying, rocking, eyes set on the horizon. 
Across the high blue sky, wind pushing wispy clouds. 
A leaf floats on sea of waving prairie grass. 
A drink from the spring. 
A warm cup of coffee.
A smile to welcome the day’s journey.

Then it developed from the history of how horses and trains are intertwined, one building the other's importance to the develop of the high plains city.  Trains built the cattle and ranching industry.  Horses brought the materials to the rail road sites.  Horses were powerful enough to stop trains and be robbed by bandits, seeking the treasures coming West.

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