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And now we have color!

Orange, red and yellow! Our creature is back in the studio to have the final glass panels fit into the wings and feathers. 

Ready for Color

The Phoenix has been completed, sanded and prepared for the addition of powder coat. Here are some videos and images to review the progress.

Figure Progress

The armature has been created. It will get sanded to clean the welds. A few more doo-dads and details will be added to soften the grid-like structure of the body. The flames will be built in the same material as the curly parts on the tail.

Glass Work

Wings have been fitted to the armature. The feathers and flames are fired and slumped. They will be fitted once the wire form is much farther along.

The glass pieces are hand built from raw sheets of glass. The parts have undergone 4-7 firing processes to make layered and sophisticated parts.

Building the Frame

The construction continues and is taking shape.

Creating the Armature

The first steps to building a 3-dimensional form starts with breaking it down to the most essential geometry. The torso of the figure is liken to a seed pod. I draw the rough shape on the studio floor. Cutting 1/4” pencil rod and following the drawing, assembles to make the core geometry of the figure. From there, I can map out the other important details of wings, head and tail. As I move into those details, the gauge of the wire will decrease.

I am assembling the shape of the wings. This is the most time consuming part of creating the armature. Because the glass has already been formed, I have to match the shape in 3 different angles to make it fit. I choose to work on the steel plate used to slump the mold in the kiln. Setting the wings will determine proportion and gesture of the Phoenix creature.

I have not decided whether the creature should be looking down at the clients who enter the practice OR look up seeking inspiration and flight. When I get to that milestone, I will converse with Ms. Shook as to her thoughts. After all, the project is a collaborative effort.

The committee has come to inspect….

Start of the wing’s main shape.

Sculpture Beginnings

The launch of a new project is always exciting. Trina Shook, RN is creating a new space for her practice located in Palmer Lake, Colorado. Monumental MedSpa will host a Phoenix sculpture in the entrance.  Made of steel, fused glass and powder coat, the sculpture will be suspended near the entrance and move with kinetic energy.

Here are some of the drawings and conceptual beginnings:

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