Tuesday, June 21, 2022

"Dancing Aspens"

 "Dancing Aspens" has been a popular series. Similar sculpture installations are part of quite a few permanent collections including Fort Collins, Greeley, Grand Junction and Lake Oswego, Oregon. 

Each set of trees are similar, but have unique elements to keep the series fresh.  These "Dancing Aspens" are in Carbondale, Colorado at City Hall for the year.

"Space Moon"

 Every year, the sculptor, Reven Marie, installs temporary works in many locations throughout the West.  "Space Moon" is a playful addition to the exhibit in Lafayette, Colorado this year.

"Butterfly Tree"

 The town of Salina, Kansas has permanently installed "Butterfly Tree" near the entrance to the downtown Public Library.  This is a fun sculpture made with articulated butterflies that move on the wind.