Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Shoutout! Champoeg State Heritage Park

Last night, Robert and I stayed at Champoeg State Heritage Park. What a great treat to meet the nicest camper neighbors. 

A few politely asked what exactly is in the bed of my truck. One gal asked if we were “storm chasers”. Another happy camper who traveled from Washington for a large family reunion got to see its evening lights.

Here you go camper friends… the strange object got installed at City Hall of Lake Oswego today. 

Many thanks to the Arts Council of Lake Oswego and the Gallery Without Walls. Mike and Nash did a knock-up job to help install the sculpture. 


Rolling Dancing Moon Fan Club


Photo credit: Dave Arpin, Lake Oswego, OR

“Rolling Dancing Moon” participated in the temporary art exhibition of the Gallery Without Walls in Lake Oswego, OR. The Arts Council of Lake Oswego sponsors, coordinates and enhances the beautiful community located south of Portland. 


Monday, February 20, 2023

Lamar Station Crossing is Ready to Enjoy!

 It took two days and a boom truck.  The forms had to be lifted over the top of the building and lowered into their respective foundation piers.  It's all assembled. Many residents were excited to see the sculpture being installed. They were pleased to have art come to their homes.