Saturday, November 18, 2023

Raspberry Floricane in Salida, Colorado

 “Raspberry Floricane”

I started growing raspberry bushes in my garden a couple of years ago. Read all the instructions of how to plant, place and care for the new shoots. I choose a location that was on my irrigation line, sunny but sheltered from winter winds. My chickens nap behind them in between the canes and the picket fence. They make holes in the soft dirt to dust bathe.

I was walking through the canes, examining their progress when I noticed a cane had fallen to the ground and appeared to be buried. My immediate reaction was to pull the cane out of the ground and weave it back into the trellis. What I extracted was a thick bulbous end with tiny knobs randomly poking out. What an interesting shape!

I again looked up the details of growing raspberries. The awkward strange form is called a “Floricane”. I decided it would make a fantastic sculpture.

The sculpture was purchased by a private collector in Salida, Colorado. It was installed in the beautifully landscaped backyard and outdoor living area. I always start to miss these creatures once they leave the studio. I wish I could negotiate “visitation” rights when the art goes to a private residence.

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