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"Uncomplicated Moon"

Dimensions: 15' x 3.5' x 3'
Material: Mild Steel, painted enamel and fused glass
Date: 2008
Value: $9,000.00
Notes: The upper portion is kinetic and moves freely. It has a machined, double-sealed bearing construction. Upon a permanent installation, the artist will perform all maintenance and restoration to "like new" condition. The new bearings will be installed.

Artist contact:

Notes About the Artist and the Sculpture:

Ms. Swanson is a native Coloradan and Park Hill resident since 1995. She pursued a career as professional artist beginning in 1989. Highlighted commissions throughout the West include the Trust for Public Lands and National Endowment for the Arts and a host of Colorado cities like Denver, Aurora, Commerce City, Broomfield, Castle Rock, Monument, Greeley, Grand Junction and many more! Her most recent commissions are at THE MET, located near Monaco Parkway and Lowry Boulevard, and the Museum of Outdoor Arts at the Fiddler’s Green Amphitheater.

Ms. Swanson’s artwork is about change, movement, balance and growth. Through the artworks, Ms. Swanson seeks to identify her past and add the influences of the present. The works are often suspended or mounted above ground to imply flight, movement and transitional experiences of growth.

The Early Beginnings: 

"Uncomplicated Moon" is originally built as part of the "Moon Creature Forest". This installation was created for an opportunity in which the artist was invited to install sculpture in a park on New York’s Long Island. "Uncomplicated Moon" was inspired by the artist’s growing "Dancing Moon" series where the forms represent the natural world along-side a contemporary, modern world.
This is the original conceptual drawing for the "Moon Creature Forest" installation. "Uncomplicated Moon" is to the figure's left.

More images of the sculpture:


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