Thursday, September 13, 2012

Mason City, Iowa

"Matriarchal Moon Creature" hangs in the downtown crossroads of Mason City, Iowa.  She's part of a new program "River City Sculptures on Parade".  It's also part of a network program managed by Jim Clark's "Sioux Falls Art Walk".

On September 7th, I met wonderful and enthusiastic installation crew.  The installation went up smoothly.  At first, MMC was smirking at me, resisting to turn.  I sat in the park waiting for her to greet me as she can be moody.  This morning, Brandi sent word she's spinning like a top.

MMC will be located in Mason City until Spring of 2014.  You'll have a chance to see her in all seasons!

Thank you to all that helped and coordinated the installation.  I especially enjoyed meeting the other sculptors, Felix, Jacque, Deb and Mendez from Indiana.

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