Gateway Sculpture in South Beaverton, Oregon

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The images are a little confusing.  More images will be posted as the final assembly and preparation for travel occurs this week.



 They are created and off for powder coating.

Support Poles

The three support poles have been completed and polished.  They are ready for assembly to the sculpture base.  Today the work will start with designing the wheels.

 Early Beginnings

All the sections have been cut and shaped using a hydraulic press.  The sections are getting their first round of polish. Their final finish will have two more passes to create the vibrant random polish of the stainless steel.

One pipe has it's sections assembled.

And... the bearing housings, though rough, are cut and waiting their machine work.

Here's the Skinny

 A new commission in coming on board in the studio.  Reven is quite excited about building this sculpture for the town of Beaverton, Oregon.  It is a Gateway sculpture to the entrance of South Beaverton.  The setting has it's own wetland ecosystem.  See the Gateway Sculpture in South Beaverton page for more details.

Here are the details of the proposed sculpture for the south entrance of Beaverton, OR.  The location is on SW Barrows Road.

The Proposal Material:





Site Images:

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