Garden Sculpture

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The Flying Cranes are at HOME!

The installation went off without a hitch.  I am so happy to see this lovely pair enjoy a garden setting.  It's their new, wonderful home.

The foundation piers were installed last Thursday.  We had to work through some hard ground.  There's not a whole of excitement to show a foundation pier.... except there was a little fun too!

Preparing the "Flying Cranes" for their new home.

Poles have been cut. Bearing assemblies are ready to be welded into the new poles.

Images of the sculpture:

The Start of Something New

When a sculpture starts making it's way onto the drawing pad and conceptual drawings, I always get a thrill dreaming of it's potential and new direction.  These sculpture breathe color, movement and sound.  In each will be a single bell or a set of bells installed in the outdoors.

The colors are bold and will carry the seasonal colors of spring and summer through the taupe of winter months.  They will be proportioned and set in such a way that not only they are enjoyed in an intimate garden setting, but also fill the views of large architectural windows throughout the garden's surrounding home.

The sculptures are site-specific and will be one-of-kind.  The "Trees" reflects a personal history of past memories, places and art collections.  The birds will have kinetic movement creating playful kaleidoscope.

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