Eyes of the World Optics, New Location

You’re welcome to contact the sculptor for more details and images at

This is crazy Eye Candy!

After closing last evening, I was joined by my sister, mom, Curt and Robert.  We pinned that many creatures to the lobby entrance.  Channing brought some tasty supper for us.

It's amazing to see the organic quality of the installation.  You can't help but feel uplifted and transformed to a higher plane of being.  As you scroll through the images, see how these glass creatures change the scheme of light, casting colors and shadows in all directions.  Enjoy!

The butterflies are coming!

1000s of single pendant butterflies being tied using a tatting single picot knot.  Glad I taught myself to tat.

Here are the yellow butterflies.

 The shadows are cool too.

This is exciting! The new space is up and running. It's incredible!  
A trip to see the how glass moves light, this is the place.


Glass panels are being assembled.  They are two layers of a hand-made glass with hand-painted color additions.  The top sheet is a specialty textured architectural glass that has been iridized.  There are 68 pieces to make 34 assembled panels.

The "Orange Moon" will be in the center.

Here are images of the furniture fabricated and ready for powder coating.  All the panels will have specialty glass inset, hand drawn and painted.  They will be similar to the reception desk already located in the store.

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