Eyes of the World City Park

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It's Time to Celebrate

Eyes of the World City Park location is having a celebration!  There will be a host of talented artists... all local of course, food and refreshments.  The store has been opened for a year and Channing wants to thank the community and everyone who helped to make the business launch into a successful year.  Please join, Thursday, Sept. 27 from 5 pm to 9 pm.

Retro Punk

Here's a project that was fun.  Together with my sister, Channing Baird, O.D., we designed a space in the Buchong Mansion.  The office is located on 17th Ave. and Vine St. in Denver.  She wanted to develop the idea of "retro-punk".

Visit Eyes of the World for information about my sister's professional services and the coolest eye wear available in Denver.

Many thanks to Commercial Art Glass, Colorado Powder Coating, Inc., D&L Stained Glass and Decorative Iron.  All these vendors made the special effort to support the creation of art and functional space. 

Retro-punk uses the materials of the past and mingles them with contemporary materials and designs.  The glass cases are made of 2" box-beam steel.  Painted cast iron ornaments and mirrors marry with fused glass panels to provide a tasteful shopping experience.

Take a look... and by all means... come visit the shop!

The space is expected to expand over the next couple of months.  As with the new blog... more developmental images and comments will follow.