Aspen Grove in the Roundabout

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Final Installation


Images of Fabrication

The final installation


Polishing the pipes for Powder Coating

Twelve pipes are off to powder coating along with their caps.  The cups are heading to be sandblasted later this week.  CW Elaborations, the powder coat vendor, says the pipes will be ready in the beginning of June for me to begin assembling the trees.


Powder Coat Translucent Colors on Order

Four different colors will be applied to the tree trunks.  The powder coat will be "feathered" into full color at the top 1/3 of the pole.  The pole will be a random stainless steel finish which will reflect through the translucent powder color.  The colors represent the four seasons.  The Golden Apple II color is quite a bit lighter than the monitor representation.

Update to the project, Post vendor fabrication:

All the various pieces and parts have been retrieved from vendors to prepare the components for the sculpture.  This part is not necessarily exciting because there is a lot of pipe cutting, sizing, drilling, tapping and bending to further fabricate all the components.  More images to come.

There are 144 cups to be formed, spot welded, sand blasted, powder coated, welded to stems, painted, then cured.

Update to the project, February 9, 2016:

The funds have been provided to purchase the stainless steel components.  Ryerson Metals are transporting the pipes from Salt Lake City, UT.  The four base rounds (1/2" steel plate) is being laser cut in their fabrication division.  It is expected that the materials will be ready for pick-up in Commerce City sometime next week.

At that time I will request additional funding to send all the material to their various vendors for further fabrication.  The base plates will go to Ron Grob in Greeley.  The sheet metal will go to Majestic Metals metals in Denver. The pipes will go to Roadrunner Fabrication in Denver.  Once the vendors have received the material, they request a lead time of 3 weeks.

Foundation Design

A new project is on track!  "Aspen Grove" is proposed to be located in the newly constructed roundabout of Old Baptist Road and Denver Highway, just south of the town on Monument.  The Tri-Lakes Views Art Committee was instrumental in the spark for the project, They have been carrying a bright torch in discussions with El Paso County, City Council and a host of other entities to receive approval.

Tri-Lakes Views Art Committee is now seeking funds to build the sculpture.  The foundation designs have been stamped by Censpace Structural Engineering, LLC.  It's going to be cool!!

So here's a look at the concepts:

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