Monday, December 5, 2011

Longmont's Loomiller Park

The Model
 Last Wed., November 30, I met with the AIPP commission and others to present the model. We marked a proposed site in the open space east of the lake and west the kid's playground.

Some considerations for the model:
-- The model scale is 1" to every foot.
-- The discs (leaves) will be round oblong shapes measuring 14" to 16".
-- The largest tree will have a support pole of 15-feet.
-- The support poles will be 3.5" to 4" O.D.
-- The material will be entirely made of stainless steel.
-- The leaf connectors will be a swivel bearing construction.
-- The leaves will have open cut-outs of the wildlife that frequents the park.
-- The location and design participates with the disc golf activities in the park.

-- The lowest point of the leaves will be a minimum of 10-feet to meet general building code allowances.

The images are samples of the proposed cut-outs.  I would like to see the shapes become more sophisticated by depicting the native 'dance' of each animal.

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