The MET, Boulevard One at Lowry

The Butterflies are here!

Back from Majestic Metals, the stainless steel butterflies have migrated to the studio. The mold is ready to form the 48"-sphere. Colorado native species of Copperfields, Blue Crescents and Swallowtails.


The Foundation Inserts

The steel "slip pole" foundation inserts are completed and ready for installation.

They are shown here upside-down from the actual installation design.

The Parts and Polish

All the parts for the three support poles have been polished. They are waiting to be ground and fitted.


The Support Poles

The first cut is the deepest.  Plasma-cutting four rectangular tubes each weighing 348 pounds each into bite-size pieces.  Stainless steel cuts more like play-dough, unlike mild steel that cuts like splattering pancake batter.




Sheet Metal and Butterflies

Three 10-foot x 5-foot stainless steel sheets are now in the hands of Majestic Metals.  They are going to use my designs of three Colorado native species, Blue Copper, Crescent and the Swallowtail. It's fun to know I've witness these special creatures in my own garden.



Well, things happen.

 I went out to check our most lovely mold. It collapsed. The process worked at 3-feet diameter sphere, but not for 4-feet.
I have begun to build a geodesic dome out of plywood and steel brackets. I will suceed! More images to come as progress rolls.


And Mortar

Early Beginnings 

A mortar mold will be made for the shaping of the center butterfly ball. Here’s the beginning of such a mold. The final size will be approximately 48”-diameter.

A simple wood frame is constructed to hold a large rubber ball. The ball is inflated with the plug below to surface of the frame. Today will start the first layer of plaster and fiber. There will be a succession of 7-10 layers including wire mesh so the final form will be strong enough to support itself and the welding process. More images to come!


Preliminary Drawings

The images are web-ready and low resolution.  Please contact the artist to request higher resolution files for review.

A NEW Sculpture!

 There's an exciting new development in Lowry near Quebec Street and Lowry Boulevard called the MET.

For the new development, a sculpture has been commissioned for the open grounds in the new community and housing district.  The sculpture will have many similarities to "Balanced Butterflies", now located in the downtown Plaza in Lake Oswego, Oregon.

This page in the blog will follow the progress of the sculpture.  More images and drawings to come!


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