Commonwealth's Lobby Installation in Lone Tree, CO

The Final Assembly

The art is up and in it's permanent location.  Many thanks to Alexa Interiors, LLC.  Both Alexa and Anastasia worked many hours to help put the collaboration come together.

Image of the Final Assembly

 You'll have to forgive the competing images of the background.  As you can see, I had to disassemble my deck railing to find a suitable location to assemble the artwork. The assembly took more than a day's work to complete.  For the installation, to re-assemble on-site should take about an hour.


The first "ball" has been assembled.  It's taking on a lovely shape.  The kiln has been working non-stop to slump glass.  We're on a bee-line program to meet an Oct. 23 installation deadline.

Next on the agenda is to specify and order the cable hardware.

First images of the fused glass disc being slumped. The frit jar is being used to understand the scale of the rouund shape.

Large shape

Small Shape

Once the plaster cast has dried sufficiently, the slumping form (positive) is pressed into the mold by using a a clay slab construction.  The clay takes extreme care and daily maintenance to dry thoroughly without cracking.

On the medium and large slump molds, the edge is serrated to help reduce the pressure when the mold contracts during the drying process.  It's a slow process by spraying the edges with water to get the mold to dry from the center out.

The process to building the slump molds starts with a plaster cast and form to create three sizes, small, medium and large.  The cast is the negative form and will be used to create the positive form that can withstand the heat of the kiln.  The plaster casts were formed by casting a lamp shade mold, large bowl and a beach ball.




The remaining three glass pieces, two small and one medium has been created and ready for slumping.

More images of the glass with a light placed behind the glass. These are all the small, 12" diameter, shapes.

Here are the images of the glass work being built for a commissioned sculpture to hang in the lobby entrance for the Commonwealth Development in Lone Tree, Colorado.

There are seven "balls" that will hang as a kinetic mobile.  The work is a collaboration with Alexa Interiors, LLC of Evergreen, Colorado.

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