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Images of the final installation:

Making the Wings

The Sculpture is DONE!

Working this last week on the wings.  I used blankets and horse hair from the horses of Big Kitten, Rogan, Lady Express, Machs Nicht, Noah, High Hopes, Pocket Star, Beauty and Strike.  Not all of these horses have passed away.

Some of these horses have a long history with Carl Baker.  I remember once when Rogan was too sore to lift his foot.  I tried and tried to get him to give me the foot to clean.  Finally Carl came to my mercy, walked right over, and Rogan handed him the foot without hesitation.  That was classic Carl.  The Original Cowboy that talked to horses.

Here are some finishing images.  Can't wait to be cruising down the highway with this giant surprise in the bed!  Jackson HERE WE COME!!

Ready for Powder Coating

Once again, playing with big tools.  Should be ready for pick-up mid-week.  The construction of the wings will begin soon.

Steel work completed

Here are some images of the steel structure.  Originally I had envisioned using more wire construction.  But once taking a look at the site, I felt the horse needed more "physical" body to stand out across the parking lot and natural elements.

The work is ready for clean-up.  All the welds and cut-outs need to have the slag removed and edges polished.  Afterwards, I plan to use my 'special' paint and color the interior in blue.  The mane and tail will be bright yellow and orange.  Highlights of red will splash the body, completing the primary color round.

Making a Sewing Pattern

 To begin the creation, I took images of my horse Rogan and created a line drawing.  The drawing is sized to just smaller than life size.  I then transmitted the file to a print vendor and had three large format prints made.  I was able to cut the shapes of the horse to create pattern pieces much like a sewing project.

Photos of Rogan jumping in 2008.  We're in Estes Park doing the AA's Classic Round.  We took second and won a little money too!  Fence's always look smaller in photos but this is 3' to 3'3" heights.

This is the sewing pattern sent for an oversized print.

The Start of Something Good

 This is an exciting project.  Here's the project proposal:

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